SOULMATE with Anahata and Tanmaya

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  • Is your relationship burn-out?
  • Are you bored in your love-life?
  • Do you feel a hidden potential of your relationship and would like to experience sacred love-making and ecstasy?

“I have fallen in love with my husband after 40 years of marriage, I recommend this training to everybody!”

“We experienced a restart of our love life.”

We have heard many of those comments from hundreds of couples all over the world. These couples:

  • were about to separate and now they are experiencing a renaissance in their relationship and their love is deeper then ever before
  • awakened passion, joy and deep intimacy in their relationship
  • transformed their love-making to a new level
  • connected sex, love and spirit

Give yourself and your partner the gift of quality time to explore, heal, open up and transform your relationship. Discover your true potential for divine sexuality, love and ecstasy!

We will show you the way to a fulfilling relationship and sexuality

“We experienced a crises in our relationship and I realized that we are repeating the behavior of our parents and that I no longer want to live this way. But how should I move beyond this? Nobody has ever taught me. So I started my search and it led me to this best training for couples I know - The Soulmate training.”
“My wife brought me here and I am truly grateful. My health and also our relationship has improved thousand times.”

Your relationship deserves the best teachers:

Mahasatva Ma Ananda Sarita

The author of the whole SOULMATE training is world-renowned teacher Mahasatva Ma Ananda Sarita. She teaches couples and individuals around the world for nearly 30 years, she is the author of 2 books on sexuality. Having received a direct transmission from the Indian mystic Osho, she is true to the spiritual essence of tantra.

She created a unique 7 Levels SoulMate Training and has been teaching it with her team all over Europe for last 20 years.

Anahata and Tanmaya are leading the training in Czechia.

“These teachers will help you find pathways for co-living of such different human beings as man and woman are. “

“I appreciate their humanity and sensitivity. I like that they are teaching the course and at the same time I can feel their intimacy, their love and what connects them. It creates a safe space for me, I can fully relax. I know that if I need, they will always offer guidance and help. I truly recommend Tanmaya and Anahata!”

Swami Anahata

Swami Anahata is a gifted, intuitive, passionate teacher of Tantra. He designs and delivers programs that guide people towards discovering and living their fullest potential.

He has dedicated the past 20 years to his own growth and self-discovery through Tantra and other holistic practices. His current work fuses practical learning with spiritual practice and is firmly grounded in the teachings of Osho, explored and refined under the guidance of Tantra Master Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita.

Anahata blends Eastern mysticism and Western therapy in a way that makes his messageuniversally accessible. His magnetic presence is compelling evidence of his ability to channelhis own energy: physical, emotional and sexual, and is an inspiration to those who wish tobecome masters of their own. He inspires trust and his heightened awareness ignites a fire of awakening in his students. His programs are designed for individuals, couples or just men.

Ma Prem Tanmaya

Tanmaya offers Tantra for individuals and couples, sharing the joy of saying yes to oneself and to live life totally. Her way of teaching is full of heart and an invitation to blossom in bliss, love and meditation. She initially studied as an actress and singer before falling in love with Meditation and personal development in Osho Communities.

Through her former partner, Anahata, whom she met in 2011, Tanmaya came in
contact with Ma Ananda Sarita. She became her teacher and guide and Tanmaya studied with her intensively over several years, exploring her own inner sky and diving deeply into the essence of love and meditation.

Tanmaya is passionate about sharing the power of Tantra with others. Now she
teaches with Tantra Earth and as a member of the Lead Faculty in Tantra Essence, in both India and Europe. It is her joy to blend deep and profound meditations with playfulness and lightness.

It is her deepest wish and dream that we all experience the magic of living in the moment, in love and consciousness, fully accepting ourselves and each other. We are all one in the light of love. This is her calling, her mantra and her life’s work.

Benefits of this training:

Fullfilment in sexuality

Deepening of your relationship

Relationship transformation

This sublime seven level training for lovers is the only one of its kind in the world. It is designed to give couples time in-between groups to experiment with the varying methods offered in each level. These methods are taught in a sequential order, offering a refined process of deepening intimacy, heightening sensual ecstasy, expanding love and awakening consciousness.

You will learn what has been tested by thousand years of practise:

The ancient Tantra Masters of India, Tibet and China applied centuries of genius to unravelling the mystery posed by the phenomenon of love and relating and discovering the nectar contained in the meeting of polarities. In her training for lovers, Sarita uses methods and techniques she has practised extensively in relationship. 

And each of her co-facilitators and accredited teachers has also done at least 500 hours of study and practice, using the same methods.

Osho said: “Approach the sex act as if you are approaching the temple of the divine. Approach the sex act as if it is a prayer, as if it is a meditation. Feel the holiness of it.”

Sexual union is a door provided by nature to access an ecstatic state of being. Sarita is inspired by the positive sexual and spiritual transformation she experienced through couples Tantra. She offers lovers everywhere methods to open that door with sensitivity and intelligence – thereby creating a tremendous resource for the development of conscious love. It is a sacred transmission which jumps like a flame from heart to heart.

About this unique 7 levels training for lovers:

The dynamics inside the group room include regular Tantra meditation sessions, various types of therapeutic exercises, massage, dance, sharing, celebration, emotional release, ritual and energy work. And every day, as part of the training, each couple goes to the privacy of their bedroom for experiential Tantra meditations which include sexual union. In addition to this, there is private counselling available if needed.

After completing each group lovers practice a series of meditations and can then choose whether to continue on to the next level. Each of the seven levels of the training is booked one at a time. The guideline is very simple, just follow your bliss!

Level 1 – Intimacy: 6-7 days

This initiation supports you to deepen intimacy, purge stagnation from your relationship, open your heart to receptive, conscious communication, heal sexual dysfunction, and experience sacred sexuality.

Level 2 – Male Female Balance: 6-7 days

In this level we offer an esoteric exploration of the male and female chakra system, leading to the harmony of opposite polarities, the experience of orgasm in all seven chakras and the phenomenon of the soul mate.

Level 3 – Sensual Awakening: 6-7 days

Exploring love relationship through the door of the senses, psychic sensitivity and heightened pleasure become easily accessible. Included in this level is a Yin Yang balancing meditation series which assists couples to experience lovemaking for two hours at a time or longer.

Level 4 – Royal Liberation: 6 days

In this level we explore the sacred union of male and female sexuality with a special ritual called ’marriage of the body.’ This includes preparation time, where men and women separate, to explore, heal and expand their own unique qualities. Included is a meditation series on the ultimate fulfilment of desire.

Level 5 – Exalted Union: 6 days

In this level men and women explore their innate God and Goddess nature. Relaxation into exalted union supports conservation of semen. Women as initiatress invite their beloved to embrace divine sexuality, beyond time and mind.

Level 6 – Ardhanareshvara: 6 days

In this level, the divine spark, which fuels Yin and Yang, awakens. The couple remembers how it is to live as Ardhanareshvara, beyond duality, both inside oneself and in love partnership. Men as initiators, support women in discovering transcendental consciousness.

Level 7 – Mahamudra: 11 days

This level is a retreat, which usually takes place near the sea or in nature. Lovers will help each other in an ecstatic process of expansion towards Mahamudra, the ultimate gesture of love, which arises through orgasm with the universe.

In spring 2020 we are opening level 1.

Practical information – Level 1: Intimacy

This initiation supports you to deepen intimacy, purge stagnation from your relationship, open
your heart to receptive, conscious communication, heal sexual dysfunction, and experience
sacred sexuality.


Anahata and Tanmaya

Date: 24. – 29. 3. 2020
Course Fee: 1.250,- EUR  (Early Bird 1050,- EUR) per couple
Accomodation and food: approx. 400,- EUR per couple
Venue: Penzion Trautenberk, Studenec, Czechia


There are 3 entities in your relationship – you, your partner and your relationship.

All of them need your care and attention.

Give yourself and your partner the gift of quality time to explore, heal, open up and transform your relationship.

Discover your true potential for divine sexuality, love and ecstasy!

It is never too late or too soon to start taking care of your relationship.

Make the first step today and give yourself the treasure of these 6 days just for you:

Do you have any questions? Not sure? Do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to advise you. We have also done this training 🙂

Peter and Aneta Končula


Tel: +420 603 486 867


Level 1: INTIMACY (with Tanmaya and Anahata)
24. – 29. 3. 2020
Penzion Trautenberk – Studenec, Czech republic

Yes, we are interested in taking care of our relationship and be really happy together: 

Your booking is confirmed as soon as we receive your deposit of 400 EUR to our account. Please pay the deposit within 7 days after your booking. We recommend to pay it as soon as possible to make sure you have your place confirmed immediatelly. The remaining payment is paid in cash upon arrival. 

The price for this 6 days workshop is 1250 EUR pre couple. If you book by Oct 31st 2019 the price is 1050 EUR per couple. 

Food and accomodation is paid separately. The price for food and accomodation is 400 EUR per couple.  

Location: Penzion Trautenberk, Studenec (close to Krkonose mountains), Accomodation in private room (double bed) with own bathroom, wellness (sauna, jacuzzi), outside swimming pool in summer. Nice garden around the venue plus woods nearby for walks.

Places are limited to max 17 couples.

Few weeks before the groups starts,  we send out more detailed information about what to bring along and also how to get to the venue.  It is located about 2-3 hours from Prague and there is a direct bus from Prague going there. So the best flight option is Prague airport. 

Sometimes other Czech couples offer a lift to the internationals, however we cannt guarantee that. We always try to connect the couples and find an option for everyone however sometimes it just is not possible. But good to know that the bus is always there as an option. 

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Training organizer
E-mail: , Phone number: +420 603 486 867